PEO/HRO Support

Since 1991, Deva has been providing organizational development services to support both start-up and established businesses alike in the following areas.

Tools and Resources:

  • PEO/HRO Process Framework - The operational process framework including: sales, new client setup, payroll, benefits, risk management, client services/human resources, finance, and continuous improvement, as depicted in 90+ processes within 10 family groups.   
  • DevAligntm - Dynamic framework for keeping operations aligned as an organization evolves. 
  • ProPropWeb - Open Source, Intranet based proposal management system customized to your unique operations that runs from your IIS Server.   
  • ProProp - MS Excel/Word Based Automated Proposal System
  • ProJob - Job Descriptions for PEOs
  • ProStart - Startup Checklist for PEOs   
  • ProTrain - In-House Training System for PEOs
  • ProPlan - Planning System for PEOs
  • ProGuide - Supervisor Guide for PEOs 

Consulting Services:

Be sure to read:  "Outsourcing:  PEO to HRO Operational Issues"

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