Operations Analysis

Deva conducts Operations Analyses to identify and document all operational components of a company as well as the associated quality standards. Working with key personnel, Deva conducts interviews and observes "work in process" to capture job tasks associated with various processes including conditions and standards related to performance. The analysis is also used to identify all inputs and outputs to a process, along with a description of information form.

Deva compiles the information and provides a narrative describing all aspects of each operation, to include all of the Who, What, When, Where and How’s. Work flow diagrams are provided depicting each major step associated with input and outputs, decision points and constraints as well as information handling and storage methods. The results are provided in manual and automated form.

Examples of Operations Analysis projects:

termflo.gif (5720 bytes) The information resulting from an Operations Analysis can serve multiple purposes; first and foremost, it is a formal documented understanding of current operations to serve as a benchmark. This common understanding can help personnel contribute to improvements.
  • Shortcomings in current operations can be identified and improvements made.
  • Operational policy can be evaluated and/or created for processes related to critical Do’s and Don’ts.
  • Troubleshooting can be executed to identify where client product/service problems have occurred, as well as reasons for the occurrence.
  • Information handling, storage and flows can be identified and understood; determinations can be made whether the most efficient and effective methods/technologies are being employed.
  • Job purposes, functions, tasks and standards can be identified, understood and evaluated along with relationships within and across processes, contributing to better job descriptions and performance evaluations.
  • Existing education/training content can be validated, deficiencies identified and adjustments made in curricula for improved instruction.

Consequently, through Operations Analysis, Deva provides a means for observation and understanding of your business model, its strengths and weaknesses, so adjustments can be made to better serve the customer.

Depending on the requirement, various automated tools can be used to collect, analyze and present information. Client specific tools, or other reasonably priced, turnkey systems may be used for easy maintenance after project completion. Deva can assist in the selection and use of such tools.

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