ProPlan was designed to provide Outsourcing Provider (OP) management a practical tool to create the family of plans so vital to business success.  The ProPlan package treats every type plan needed, providing development guidance and detailed examples of each.  

Included Plan Examples

Plans include:

  • A Business Plan for those just entering the OP Industry
  • A Strategic Plan for the more advanced OPs with two or three years of experience and seriously addressing growth
  • A Corporate Annual Plan that every OP needs to guide its yearly business activities
  • Department Plans which are needed to guide the day-to-day operations, consistent with and linked to the Annual and Strategic Plans.  

ProPlan Content

ProPlan includes questionnaires for each of the plans which guide management thinking in creating plans unique to the OP.  Moreover, there are detailed examples for each plan type to include, but not limited to, objectives, management organization structure, workload estimates, major milestones/schedules, anticipated problems, contingency plans, and an overall plan progress tracking/evaluation system.

The Strategic Plan addresses somewhat different but related topics including the vision, values, purpose, mission, strengths and weaknesses, and strategies, to name a few. 

Planning Assistance

Deva also provides planning consulting assistance such as conducting research, plan writing and plan review. 

Be sure to read our article "Family of Plans". 

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