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Deva is a designer of custom instructional programs, using the Instructional Systems Development (ISD) Model created at Florida State University. The Model is used by many companies and the United States Government and Military for creating education and training curricula.

Deva designs education and training products for traditional and computer delivery. Computer based programs include testing and management components to assist those responsible for instructional oversight.

The general ISD model shown below provides an overview of the process steps.

Step 1.   The audience analysis is conducted to determine the characteristics of the universe of individuals who will receive education / training, so the end product can be designed to meet their capabilities.

Step 2.   Each job is described in detail, along with the identification of prerequisite knowledge and skills.

Step 3.   Jobs are analyzed and broken into discreet tasks, along with their sequence of execution and relationship to other jobs/tasks.

Step 4.   Relative to the jobs/tasks, behavioral objectives specifying learning outcomes are developed defining Behaviors to be performed, Conditions under which they are to be executed and the Standards of performance. Also, evaluation methodology alternatives are created to determine whether the required learning has occurred.

ISD.gif (7456 bytes)

Step 5.
   Based on the results of Step 4, alternative instructional methodologies and instructional settings are evaluated for maximum learning/skill development.

Step 6.   The results of Step 5, along with economic constraints, are used to create a Plan of Instruction (POI) which specifies the content, sequence, time, evolution and media for instruction. This may include one or a combination of delivery systems.

Step 7.   Actual instructional products are created.

Step 8.   Products are then tested with a representative audience sample to determine effectiveness for meeting desired outcomes. Comparing outcomes primarily with Steps 4 and 3, adjustments are made as necessary and beta tested again, if necessary.

Step 9.   The validated instruction is placed in operation and  monitored.  Based on the validated information, there is a constant feedback to review all the previous steps and updates are implemented as required.

Examples of instructional products provided by Deva include:

Deva educates/trains customer personnel in the use of products. Further, Deva trains customer personnel in the design and development process so they may become self-sufficient.


Be sure to read our study on "The Promise of Instructional Technology".

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