Are you spending thousands of dollars on training seminars and travel ? 

Have you considered providing your own training programs on a real-time basis?  

Deva can help!

Deva offers Generic Training Programs created by experts, which you can tailor for unique business requirements.  Content is presented in modular/lesson format which allows focused content training for particular jobs; or structured for an overview training program.  For example, the modules/lessons can be formatted to provide an introduction to Outsourcing operations, the specific operations of a department, a job within a department, or as refresher training for current staff.  All you provide are the instructors.

Lessons include a purpose statement, measurable objectives, related topic outline, instructor guidance section and test items based on objectives.  Also included are PowerPoint slides to assist with lesson presentation.

Operations Lessons encompass Human Resources, Benefits, Payroll, Risk Assessment, Workers Compensation and Unemployment.  Sales Lessons include Marketing, Small Business Characteristics, Sales Planning, The Process of Making a Sale, Proposal Process, the Contact and Client Conversion.

Deva also provides custom training program design and development


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