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ProProp is an Excel/Word based proposal system for Outsourcing Providers that automates information sharing between the RFP, pricing model, and proposal template. Data is input at one source, and automatically carried through to the pricing model and final proposal document. It can also be integrated with Act, Goldmine or other contact management systems.  An Intranet based version is also available through ProPropWeb. ProProp is a generic model which can be customized by each user to meet their unique requirements. The pricing is contained within an Excel spreadsheet, and the proposal is in MS Word. Web forms are also provided for input of information by Sales personnel in the field, with direct merge capability into the pricing model.

Some key features include:
  • Multi-state pricing within the same proposal.
  • Ability to submit RFP information via the Web, with direct import to the pricing model.
  • Automatic merge of RFP and pricing data directly to the Proposal Document.
  •  Pop-up menu for easy print out of pricing data.
  • Comparison of prospect estimated costs before and after the OP relationship, either bundled or not.
  • Automatic look-up of WC rates, state unemployment, and other standard information based on current client rates/information.
  • Automatic look-up of custom benefits options.
  • Automatically generated timeline/Gantt chart depicting key tasks which must be accomplished when a new client comes on board.
  • Multiple profitability analyses perspectives.

ProProp will greatly enhance your sales process by:

  • Reducing redundant data entry and consolidating information storage and retrieval
  • Reducing information hand-off during the proposal process
  • Expediting proposal turn-around time
  • Standardizing proposal format and content
  • Implementing Quality Control

ProProp is a custom solution which integrates your existing technologies such as Excel, Word, WordPerfect, Act!, Outlook, Goldmine or other.  

A web demo is available.  Contact Deva for a password.

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