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Deva offers several books and numerous downloadable essays related to organizational development and other topics.

Provided by the US Air War College, this is one of the best compilations of creativity and thinking tools around.

ProPlan was designed to provide Outsourcing Provider (OP) management a practical tool to create the family of plans so vital to business success.  The ProPlan package treats every type plan needed, providing development guidance and detailed examples of each.

Deva offers Generic Training Programs created by experts, which you can tailor for unique business requirements.  Content is presented in modular/lesson format which allows focused content training for particular jobs.

Policy provides a company with guidelines within which to operate.  Deva's Operational Policy samples do not address basic dress, holidays, etc.; rather, provide an understanding of the role of policy and a framework for creating, managing and changing policy within each organization.

ProJob was created to help Outsourcing Providers clarify and document jobs within their organizations.  It includes 29 generic job descriptions for key positions. All descriptions may not be applicable to everyone; in smaller companies, two or three individuals may wear all the hats.

ProGuide is a professional quality Guide for distribution to Outsourcing Provider (OP) clients. The Guide addresses key topics related to the OP/client interface, as well as critical Human Resource and compliance issues in easy to read language and graphics.  Generic forms and posters are also included, which can be customized for your needs.

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