Activities Manager

The Activities Manager is a component of the ProPropWeb and Devaligntm systems that automates the scheduling and tracking of important activities related to service delivery and other activities. Default workflow activities can be defined, then loaded based on pre-defined triggers or manually to ensure critical follow-up is not overlooked. Activities can also be emailed as Outlook Appointments to people you select, either within or outside of the company.

Activity Gantt Chart/Timeline

Activity Calendar

Activities are defined either by specific dates or dependencies on other activities. Once defined, activities can be viewed in either Calendar or Gantt formats within each RFP.

Detailed calendars and Gantt charts can also be generated across multiple RFPs to help with planning and scheduling of staff. Calendar/Gantt contents can be filtered based on dates, personnel to be involved, event type, RFP and other variables.

Multiple Outlook Appointments assigned to a single individual can be sent at the same time in a single email; the recipient just opens the attachments to set the appointments in their Outlook calendars.

Outlook Appointments Attached To Email

(The Activities Manager is currently available in ProPropWeb, and under development in the Devalign system.)


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