How can the DevAligntm System save you time and money?

Staff Education and Training - The Devalign system dynamically generates education/training directly from the processes and linked system components. Thus content is automatically maintained by virtue of maintaining each process. Based on individual training needs, it can provide an overview of the total operations, or focus on specific processes and job activities where an individual works. Detailed procedures and job performance aids can be accessed from within the processes at the “click” of an icon.   Training can be scheduled and tracked through the Activities Manager (under development), and tied to specific people through the People Manager.

Troubleshooting - The Devalign system allows local or geographically dispersed staff to work from a common frame of reference to identify and solve problems. Steps in the processes can be traced to determine possible problem sources as well as causes.

Operational Improvements - The capability to review end-to-end operations using process maps, permits a greater understanding of job activities, job interrelationships, related information flow, information handling, its storage and accessibility. Therefore Devalign can assist with the identification of operation flaws whether technology, personnel, management, etc. Process “re-engineering” or even creation, can be hypothesized, discussed, challenged and refined prior to implementation using Devalign.   Lessons Learned/Notes can be captured within each processes to help guide others in the future.  The Analysis component provides easy access to analytical tools and guidance, along with your real time measures and indicator data.

Reduce Waste - Documented processes can be performed more consistently, thus eliminating waste due to rework, re-inspection, waiting, or variance by different people.  Non-value-adding activities can be identified and eliminated, and cycle times reduced thus requiring fewer resources (time, money, people) in process performance. 

Planning - Planning is transformed from an event into an on-going process, with living documents dynamically generated from real time information.  And by linking strategy to process through goals, initiatives and other means, the Planning component facilitates implementation while keeping operations aligned.

Document Control and Resource Management - Devalign Resource Manager provides an index with access to resources that reside on your Network or the Internet.  Changes to resources are managed and controlled by authorized personnel in accordance with a defined process.  As such, outdated and redundant resource problems disappear.  

Job Performance and Evaluation - The Devalign system facilitates job definitions.  General job requirements/steps are defined by the process activities, along with knowledge, skills and performance standards required for successful completion.  Tools to be used, such as computers, are noted along with policies and other information.  As a result, job descriptions can be derived, and most performance expectations delineated for measurement relative to expectations.   This can also help identify what job candidates need to bring to the job, as well as the training responsibilities of the company.

Job Relationships and Responsibilities - Swimlanes clearly illustrate job responsibilities as well as information origination and destination.  As a result, jobs can be viewed in context of others in the organization with whom they relate, rather than typical sylos. Points of contact can also be readily identified for resolution of issues, and relevant sources of knowledge.

Sales Advantage - The Devalign system provides advantages for sales personnel who can show prospects you have formalized business practices and quality management … a consistent way of doing business, delivering services, satisfying clients and identifying and solving problems.  This gives you an edge over the competition.  Moreover, Sales can illustrate how they can access the most current information affecting business operation. Further, Sales can demonstrate how the company monitors pending legislation that may impact the client.

Exportable Operations Model - Devalign content is exportable. Every new office can access the system through your Intranet, and personnel can be trained for consistent operations across the company. The Devalign system can reduce start-up time by providing immediate access to resources and insuring operational standards for quality service delivery regardless of location. Further, personnel transfers will find familiar operational environments perhaps contributing to reduced adjustment stress.

Software Analysis and Implementation - The Devalign system assists with software analysis and implementation.  By stepping through the process workflows, the business rules and information system support requirements can be quickly identified and compared against system capabilities; gaps can then be determined relative to requirements.  

Merger and Acquisition Analysis - The Devalign system can aid in determining whether or not to acquire another company. Financial considerations are the normal drivers with limited attention paid to operations. Now, an acquisition candidate’s operations can be compared against the Devalign processes to identify strengths, weaknesses and deficiencies. Moreover, since the Devalign focus is upon operations, it can be helpful for determining how to most beneficially integrate operations and staff, as well as assess related knowledge/skills and required training.  

Regulatory and Other Compliance - The Devalign system provides the process documentation, document control and quality management tools that can be used as a foundation for compliance with ISO 9001:2000, Sarbanes-Oxley, JCAHO, and SAS 70.  Also, links to regulations on the web or your network tie regulations to processes, keeping them visible to aid with compliance.  

Contingency Planning/Disaster Recovery - Each process is linked to disaster recovery tools and templates that can be customized to an enterprises unique situation.  This allows for actively maintained, easily accessed recovery procedures that are available at any time, from other locations.   

Risk Management - Proactively manage all kinds of risk by identifying risks by probability and potential impact,   identifying potential controls for risk mitigation, and integrating controls as part of the operational management system.   

Change Management and Corrective Action  - The Change Management/Corrective Action componente provides a tool for keeping operations aligned as an organization evolves.  By orchestrating and automatically communicating change activity among impacted parties, it allows for everyone to be involved at all levels of the organization, no matter their location. And by linking change back to operations through process, it supports sustainable solutions, not just events.  By using a clear methodology with measurable objectives and reinforcements, desired outcomes can maintained, and trends analyzed for opportunities to continually improve.   

Operational Policy and Measures/Indicators - Operational policies are linked to each process, as well as measures/indicators used to monitor process performance.   

Activity Management - The Activities Manager can be used to manage basic workflow and scheduling of activities related to planning objectives and milestones, training, corrective action and change management activities, personnel reviews, and other events.  

Client Feedback - The Client Feedback System provides an automated tool to generate surveys and collect client and staff feedback linked to continuous improvement and change initiatives.  Feedback can then be quickly analyzed to monitor performance, trends and the ever changing workplace environment.   

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