Mistresses Among Us!

Kenneth A. Polcyn

Format:Perfect Bound Softcover
Print Type:B&W

Kevin English moved to Sanibel Island, Florida from the Washington, D. C. area starting a new life, leaving two failed marriages and a company he had founded.   A lone companion, a sailboat bought new in Annapolis 15 years before…Sea Mistress, in need of repair; he wrestles with whether to sell or refurbish.   A neighbor expressed interest in purchasing the boat and a week later is found dead, with crushed head, floating in the Intracoastal Waterway.   An investigation opens the window into Southwest Florida´s drug trafficing, illegal immigrants and government corruption, where love and evil intertwine.   All of these leave Kevin to question his sanity as he finds himself transported into a world where even the Sea Mistress seemingly comes to life with intentions of her own.


  • "The book is great. What an ending!" - Ron Stoll, St. Petersburg Yacht Club.
  • "Exciting boating life adventure! Couldn´t put the book down." - Aggie Gomez, Commodore Cape Coral Sailing Club.
  • "A well-crafted suspenseful novel loaded with sailing, southwest Florida, drug smuggling" - Donald J. Poole
  • "Interesting story. Very well written!" - Dedicated California Mystery Novel Reader.
  • "A spine tingling mystery, with twists and turns you can´t imagine. I loved it!" - Virgina Frazier
  • "New, exciting mystery genre!" - Ramona Ridgeway.
  • "The book takes no prisoners. Intrigue, action, sailing, sex, drugs and women competing with boats captures your imagination absorbing you into the story. Like to see it as a movie!" - Walter Davis, Washington, D.C.
  • "It draws you into the story and won´t let you go. Very good. Waiting for the sequel!" - Robert Bruce, mountains of PA
  • "The book is full of surprises; and, if you like dogs, boating and murder mysteries, you won´t sleep much until you finish it." - Jim Smith, VA
  • "Enjoyable, unusual mystery. It makes you want to sail; but then again maybe not...scary. Awaiting the sequel." - Jim Parker, FL
  • "I thought I could solve mysteries, but I was wrong! The story fooled me over and over. The ending I couldn't believe!! - Chuck King, FL

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