An Educator's Guide To Communications Satellite Technology

"Members of the worldwide educational community and world statesmen alike will find this guide invaluable as they meet the challenge to use satellite technology to benefit all countries of the world."
Howard Hitchens Executive Director Association for Educational Communication and Technology

Publisher:  Washington Information Center on Instructional Technology, 1973
Available through your  library, or contact Deva.


"This is a highly useful compendium of information. It will be of great interest to any educator or planner who thinks he has a satellite in his future. And even if a reader doesn't expect to have a communication satellite or access to one, he will find here the answers to many of his questions about advanced communication technology."
Wilbur Schramm, Director East-West Communications Institute University of Hawaii

"The interest in exploring possible applications of communication satellite technology to education creates the need for a primer and reference book. This easy-to-understand, well-illustrated treatment of the technology provides valuable knowledge and insights to the educational planner, the teacher and the public at large."
Alvin C. Eurich, President Academy for Educational Development, Inc.

"The offering and the acceptance of satellite, or any other technology for education, should not take place in blind hast but rather in an atmosphere of knowledge, understanding, responsibility and commitment."
Kenneth A. Polcyn, Ph.D. Author

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